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Domestic RHI Scheme - Switch to Renewable Heat and Save Money

Did you know that air source heat pumps can qualify for the Domestic RHI scheme?

There are more benefits to using air source heat pumps than energy saving. Due to the energy constraints and efficiency of this system, it qualifies for the UK Government’s Domestic RHI scheme.

The Domestic RHI Scheme is a UK Government financial incentive, which has been created to encourage the use of renewable heat, such as air source heat pumps.

To find how you could potentially benefit from the Domestic RHI scheme, please call us on EOC Services on 01366 384 200 today.

What is the Domestic RHI Scheme?

By changing over to heating systems that utilise naturally generated energy, you play a small part in reducing the UK’s overall carbon emissions.

If you sign up for the Domestic RHI scheme, on the condition that you comply with all the scheme’s regulations, you become eligible for quarterly payments for 7 years based on the amount of green, renewable heat produced by your system.

Who does the Scheme Apply to?

There are a number of joining requirements to qualify for the Domestic RHI scheme.

Households both on and off mains gas can apply, with those off mains gas having the greatest chance of saving money by reducing energy bills and decreasing their carbon emissions.

Even households that installed a renewable heating system before the start date of the Domestic RHI scheme could receive payments, providing their system was installed by an approved MCS contractor.

Where can I Find out More Information?

More information about the Domestic RHI scheme, available throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is available on the OFGEM website.

Find out how much money you could save: www.gov.uk/renewable-heat-incentive-calculator

Find out more information on the Government's Renewable Heat Incentive at www.gov.uk/domestic-renewable-heat-incentive

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