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Case Study:
Alan Stanbridge

When Mr Stanbridge’s old boiler and oil tank needed to be replaced, with oil prices rising and gas not being available in the area, he looked at other methods of heating.

The Problem:

After doing a full cost analysis of using either oil, LPG, ground source heat pumps or air source heat pumps he selected the HT (High Temperature) air source heat pump by Daikin. This decision was based on the calculated running cost savings and the fact he would not have to make any changes to the existing radiator system.

“Reducing my carbon foot print was not a consideration; my decision was purely saving on energy bills. I was using about 1200lt to 1500lt of heating oil per year @ £0.57/lt. This amount of oil provided approximately 10800kw to 13500kw (10.6kw/lt and 90% efficiency boiler) of heat to the heating system and hot water per year. The cost of each kW of heating was £0.0633.

Before the heat pump was installed our electricity usage was around 5700kw/year; after the installation our electricity usage rose to between 9000kw and 10200kw/year (therefore 3300kw to 4500kw used for heating and hot water). This indicates the system is on average delivering between 3 kW to 3.25 kW of heat output for every 1kw of energy input.

With the cost of electricity being £0.105/kw the cost of 1kw of heat from the heat pump is then £0.035 to £0.032 compared to £0.0633 for oil. Savings in energy costs using a heat pump compared to oil are 45% to 49%.” said Mr Stanbridge.

EOC Services' Solution:

In terms of choosing a supplier, Mr Stanbridge believed that EOC were the most technically competent supplier they had approached and their quote was a lot more detailed than others. The quote was more detailed and their inspection prior to quoting was more in-depth, resulting in less chance of things going wrong and any extra charges.

“In my opinion, because using a heat pump for household heating was relatively new at the time, the other quotes had been increased because of lack of technical confidence and an unjustifiable premium put on the cost because it was sold as green technology. We strongly believed that EOC’s quote was an accurate reflection of the project.”

Although reducing the heating bill was the paramount consideration, the family consider the following to also be benefits of the air source heat pump system...

  • No worry about leaking gas or oil therefore reducing the chance of fires or explosions

Air Source Heat Pumps Case Study

  • Very reliable and much quieter than the oil burner it replaced
  • The whole of the hot water system is now pressurised so no need for a booster pump to have a good shower and running hot water into the kitchen sink or bath is much faster
  • Electricity prices can be fixed so there is no oil price gamble, especially during the winter months.

Our Satisfied Client’s Thoughts:

I was very impressed with the quoting and preparation for the installation. It was nice to be able to talk to someone who was technical and could answer all the questions without having to refer back to the office for answers.

There was very little disruption, the system was installed within the time allowed and the organisation was good with extra people appearing on time when some of the heavy lifting was required.

EOC are a small family run business that employ a team of professional installation and service engineers. The company has the advantage of not being too small and relying on just one or two people and because the directors are normally the ones who have contact with the customer you feel confident that you have access to the support and expertise of the whole company. EOC has the range of expertise needed to offer the customer a full and comprehensive service in the area of heating and venting industry.

As for annual maintenance and its cost, this is no more than you would expect to pay for a gas or oil burner. We did have one small problem, but EOC responded very quickly and replaced the faulty part.

Yes I would recommend EOC to others, and have already done so.

Alan Stanbridge

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