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What Makes Our Air Conditioning Units Superior?

Our energy efficient, split and multi-split type air conditioning systems give you a stylish solution to suit any interior space. With a large range of products, all utilising the superior Daikin technology, you can be sure there’s a cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and high performing unit that’s right for you.

  • Individual Room Control - With individual room control each unit can be used independently, delivering air only to the rooms that need it and allowing you full temperature control.
  • Energy Saving and Cost Efficient - With our advanced heat pump and inverter technology you’ll get greater efficiency from your unit, making it more environmentally friendly and cost effective to run.
  • IInstallation in Any Space - Our range includes compact split/multi-split air conditioners, making it possible to install them in any property, even if space is limited.
  • Wide Range of Products - Find the air conditioning unit that matches your needs and style, with our wide range of high performance products.

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Discover why EOC Services are the leading commercial air conditioning installer throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Essex

Types of Air Conditioning Systems / Product Range

Our high-capacity air conditioning systems utilise our unique and cutting-edge technology, to give you top performance without compromising on energy efficiency. They are compact, easy to install and high performing, making them ideal for any new constructions or renovation projects.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning - Ururu Sarara
Using the new, more effective and environmentally friendly refrigerant R32, the Ururu Sarara air conditioning system gives you efficient airflow and allows you to control the humidity without the needs for a water tank.

Wall Mounted  Air Conditioning - European Design
An indoor air conditioning unit with a sleek design, developed in Europe for stylish interior spaces.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning - Chinese Energy Efficient
A stylish design that meets the strict energy efficiency standards in China. Available in a wide range of colours with a high shine finish to enhance any interior setting.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning
Simple and stylish, this flat panel design works with any interior decor. With a range of functions its ideal for providing your home with a comfortable air temperature.

Floor Standing Air Conditioning
A space-saving air conditioning system, designed to be simple and effective at creating complete air comfort throughout the room.

Duct Connected Air Conditioning
Known for their discreet appearance, these units can be hidden inside the ceiling to provide a sleek interior finish.

Compact Multi-Flow Ceiling Mounted Cassette
The ideal solution for narrow false ceilings. This compact ceiling mounted air conditioning unit is discreet leaving only the decoration panel visible after installation.

Air Conditioning Technology

It’s our mission to provide you with the latest technology in air conditioning units. Giving your office, retail shop, factory, home or commercial premises with the top performance and energy efficiency that can’t be rivalled across East Anglia and beyond.

Our Inverter Technology

Air conditioner compressors are driven by a motor. The efficiency of your unit depends on the motor rotation speed and power supply frequency. Our inverter technology regulates the power supply frequency, giving control over the motor rotation speed. By adjusting the compressor operation according to the load, we can eliminate waste, making it more efficient and more cost-effective.

Humidifying and Dehumidifying

With our cutting-edge technology, you can manage the humidity of your room without the need for a water tank. Giving you the best in performance and comfort.

High-Performance Heat Pump

For the best in energy efficiency, our high performing heat pumps let you manage your environment in both extremely hot and cold regions.

Quiet Operation

Our compact and quiet air conditioning systems are unobtrusive and ideal for sound sensitive spaces.

Ductless or Ducted?

The two most popular air conditioning system types are ducted and ductless. Each has their own benefits and will be better suited to certain environments and buildings.

Easy to install and offering individual room temperature control, ductless air conditioning is ideal for homes or office spaces.

Ideal if you want uniform control throughout the whole building. Suited to large open spaces such as libraries, retail stores or homes that require a stable temperature throughout.

What's R-32?

R-32 is a new refrigerant that offers better efficiency by carrying heat and has a lower impact on the environment.

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